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Save The Panda

Food Source:

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Bamboo roots

The Giant panda is a member of the carnivor meaning meat eating, but in actual fact the panda mainly eats bamboo as its main food source. The giant panda eats bamboo up to about 95 percent of its diet.  
Some other food that they eat for there diet are gentians, irises, crocuses,   fish, pikas, vines, mushrooms, rice grass, rodents and many different fruit.  In order for the Giant panda to survive it must eat about 20 to 40 pounds food to survive each day and also spend up tp about 10 to 16 hours feeding each day.
The water source that the giant panda gets from is from bamboo which contain about 90 percent water in them.  The giant panda also gets water from rivers and streams.


Bamboo stalks

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