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Save The Panda

Baby Panda

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Young baby pandas are known also as puppys because they are very gentle and friendly.
When the baby cub is born it has to recieve food straight away because of its hunger, so the mother quickly than feeds it cub with milk.  When the baby cub is hungry the baby cub will cry out fors its mother about 12 times a day.
The baby cub is protected by its mother's huge paw from predators trying to kill them.
As the baby panda is born its actual fur colour is not black and white, it is white fur on its pink skin. 
Black hair will eventually grow in different areas of the body within months.
Black hair will show on the ears , eye patches, shoulder, legs and out of her arms first. The mother rarely leaves its cub out of its paws, she holds and hugs baby against its warm, body, licks it and protects it from danger. If they have twins the mother panda will leave one cub in its mouth.
After about 6 to 8 weeks milk teeth will start to grow out of the baby cubs mouth.
After about 3 months the baby cub is ready to move around. As the baby cub get stronger it will begin to climb its mother back.
The cub's mother will train its cub by wrestling with it, climbing trees and rolling around 

Just born about 2 days old


about 2 months old


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